Feb 19 2015

Sara Lou Lapierre … March 14, 1933 to February 16, 2015

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We’d been home from Germany for 4 or 5 months in 1971 when dad told us kids, he wanted us to meet the sweetest little southern belle ever.  She even makes home made cornbread and biscuits.  The next thing I knew we were having dinner with Sara Lou and her family, including cornbread and sweet iced tea.

With dad being from the north and mom from Germany, this was my first real introduction to Southern culture. At the time it was exciting to us kids, the possibility of Brady-sizing our families into one. Indeed, it seems like only a few weeks went by before we were becoming one family.

Sara had three children, Joe still in high school, Laura in grade school, and Marsha was recently married. On our side, Peggy was in high school, Vivian and I finishing 6th grade, and Richy somewhere around 3rd or 4th grade.

Sara soon became mom to me, not replacing my real mother who I still loved, but another mother, a mom.  Suddenly we had amazing southern home cooking, giant family reunion trips, and grandparents that let us visit over summer vacations.  Such memorable and enjoyable times for me. She supported me in school, in activities, and in my many projects. One day early in our relationship, we’d had words and then talked it out. She opened herself to me, that she was afraid she’d made a mistake in joining our families. But she also said she really hoped not. We talked and cried, and made up. I knew then I really loved her and from there on tried to show it, respect her, and consider her feelings.

Mom loved dad very much, and it was apparent. She supported him as well in his dreams and schemes, not just following, but supporting actively. She was smart, very smart, and tough when she needed to be. She had friends named Peaches and Rocky, she was an excellent bowler, and could fish with the best. She could balance the books of a corporation, and did.  She was great in many ways.

Yesterday Sara Lou Lapierre, mom, was laid to rest. In the last few months as she fought hard, Wendy and I were blessed to be with her many times. We had open and frank talks, she made us smile, laugh, and shed a few tears. We had time to make our peace and love each other, which I think makes it a little easier to know she’s passed into peace.  I will always love you, mom.

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Jan 26 2015

The Best Day Ever…

I woke up to the smell of bacon…  a full hot breakfast awaited me. I read my card, admired my flag, and smiled. For lunch I had a rare Krystals treat. In the mail were pictures and cards from my Arizona girls. I snacked on cookies from my Georgia girls and boys while admiring their cards and drawings . Texts and calls from everyone all day long… Steak dinner with my sweetheart, home-made apple pie from a dear friend, and a sci-fi movie to top it off. Yes, it was a darn good day!



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Jan 04 2015

Reese Madison

Dear Reese Madison,  Please never change. You’re growing up just right!

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Jan 03 2015

Staring Out My Window

Staring out my window, feeling a little down and a little mad, because my team lost in the first ever college football playoffs. The ground is wet from rain, the grass is still fighting to be green even on the third day of 2015. Cars occasionally speed by. Kind of a lazy Saturday. I should be hard at work for the blitz I know is coming Monday at work, but I’m just staring out my window.  We’ll get ‘em next year.


From My Window_2015-01-03_512

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Dec 26 2014

Coffee Break

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The moments of happiness we enjoy take us by surprise. It is not that we seize them, but that they seize us.  — Ashley Montagu

Coffee break… I walk the short way from my office to the back door of the house, step in. Wendy left for work an hour ago, but the TV is on a Christmas music station.  I smile to myself because I love what she loves, and I feel happy.  She looks forward to Christmas each year with hope and enthusiasm for a wonderful holiday, now another Christmas has passed.  Now we enjoy the afterglow of the last few days and prepare for a new year.  A new year of hopes and dreams, both new and renewed, but most important to me, a new year together.

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