Feb 16 2014

Wendy – In 3 Places at Once


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Feb 13 2014

What’s up here, Papa?

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Jan 05 2014

Lionheart’d Tiger

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Today a dear friend passed – one with whom many high school memories were shared, and beyond. Kathy was a special soul, always (always!) smiling and cheerful. Always ready and able to help anyone, it was her way of life. If ever one was Lionhearted, this Carver Tiger certainly was.


Marty, Cathy, Kathy, John

Marty, Cathy, Kathy, John



Kathy at a Pep Rally, 1974, Carver High School – Tiger Forever

Today I looked back, remembered Kathy, and smiled at our good times… and mourned her passing. Then I looked at her smile, and just as always I could not help but smile back. I had to print that photo to keep her in front of me for a while. As you wrote in my yearbook, “Maybe we will see each other in the future…”. Until then, rest in peace dear Kathy.

Remembering Kathy

Remembering Kathy


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Dec 18 2013

2013 Alford Family Meeting

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Every year in December our family joins the rest of the Alford family in a Christmas dinner.  It’s a nice tradition that I really appreciate.  Even with a few missing, our little part of the family is not so little. Alford Family Christmas Gathering

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Dec 13 2013

It’s that time of year again…

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